branch of ripe raspberries in a garden on green background


Ayco Farms raspberries are rich in flavor with a bright red color and perfect firmness. Our growers ensure that our berries are harvested at the peak of ripeness to enhance the flavor. They are sourced from Mexico!


Benefits Of Raspberries

64 Calories

14.7G Carbs

1.5G Protein

0.8G Fat

Did You Know?

Storage Tips!

Keep Dry As Possible

Raspberries are a delicious treat that offer big health benefits.

damage to cell membranes. Research has also shown that raspberries

antioxidants, raspberries also help greatly reduce inflammation in the body!

have natural properties that fight cancerous tumors. Loaded with

build up and also with high concentrations of elegiac acid helps prevent

With high antimicrobial properties, raspberries are resistant to bacteria

Eat And Enjoy!

Refrigerate Berries

between 32° and 34°F

Rinse Before Eating

Retailer Options

We are proud to offer conventional and organic

raspberries. For more information about our retail

packaging, download our current spec sheet today!

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