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Juan Canary Melon

Ayco has an R&D team that focuses on flavor profiles and sizing for our Juan Canary Melons! We utilize a variety of unique techniques to ensure a creamier cast and higher brix level. Our growers work hard to consistently deliver the best flavor and quality to our customers.


Benefits Of Juan Canary

50 Calories

12G Carbs

2G Protein

0.3G Fat

Did You Know?

Storage Tips!

Place Melon On Counter Until


Juan Canary Melon can be differentiated from other melons by its

also both a low-fat and low-calorie fruit that boosts a healthy fiber

and bowel health. Fiber is linked to lowering rates of heart disease

diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. This is a perfect snack!

count. Fiber is greatly beneficial to your body as it aids digestion

Canary melons are a good supply of Vitamins A and C. This melon is

vibrant, canary yellow color. It has a hard rind and is oval in shape.

Store Remaining Pieces In

3-5 Days.

Container And Refrigerate for

Wash Melon Thoroughly and


Slice And Cut Into Desired Pieces

Retailer Options

We are proud to offer our delicious Juan Canary

melons in a variety of sizes from Nov-May! For more

information about our retail packaging, download

our current spec sheet today!

Retailer Sheet

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