Ayco Best Practices


As a part of our commitment to providing you with the highest quality produce, we have implemented best practices that we apply from our farms to your table!

Quality Assurance

We have an R&D team that focuses on flavor profiling and sizing. This helps us focus on having amazing brix levels that are above 10%. We also run tests to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied and all their needs are met. Delivering a consistent flavor and high quality produce is a top priority in our operation!


We are committed to sustainable farming practices not only because it ensures a healthier future for our farms, but more importantly, for our planet! As farmers, we have seen first-hand the benefits of reducing waste and minimizing our environmental footprint. We believe in being good stewards of our natural resources and we strive to help do our part to help the environment.

Food Safety

We are industry leaders in food safety; certified by the global food safety initiative (GFSI)