Asparagus Bag 1 lb


Green Asparagus

Ayco ships from Peru and Mexico allowing for continuous year-round supply. We begin in Trujillo, northern Peru, and work our way south through the areas of Huarmey and Huacho, following the weather to the largest production area in Ica. Ayco has invested heavily in Mexican asparagus putting in a new packing facility with strategic timing to allow us to work with a larger grower base and support the demand from retailers.

Origin: Peru/Mexico
Mexico: February through April
Peak: January through March
Peru – Year-round
Peak: September through December

Asparagus has a high nutritional value and a good source of important minerals and vitamins that are imperative to the body’s cellular and metabolic functions. It holds a rather impressive nutritional value that includes folate, potassium, and others as well. It improves many of the body’s functions such as cardiovascular, reproductive and immune-related as well.